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  • Elle Anzalone, LMFT LADAAC

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    You’ve made it this far on your own and now it’s time to ask for the encouragement you need for the final stretch.

    I’m Elle Anzalone, a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and a licensed advanced drug and alcohol counselor (LADAAC) and I consider it an honor to develop a relationship with you and walk beside you on your journey to exploring your darkest corners and bringing some light into your shadows. For 16 years, I have been in the field of recovery and addiction. I have a long personal history of professional experience with addiction and the hard work it takes to stay in recovery. I can support you in making an informed decision on how to best treat your addiction without the sales pitch and get you and your loved ones the help you need.

    I specialize in supporting individuals and couples to become refined versions of themselves. I am a kink friendly, sex positive, and open minded clinician. I want to water the good seeds of all the relationships you want to cultivate and shine light on your own intrinsic spiritual and emotional understanding of your world. I am not the type to mince words or dance around ‘the elephant’. I use a direct and sometimes dark but compassionate approach to support people in achieving their goals.

    The truth is: I became a therapist because I didn’t connect with my therapists. I found them to be dull, passive, and too impersonal for me. I have often heard that I am not your typical therapist and I consider that a compliment. I truly want to assist you with compassion, laughter, and support on your journey of self discovery.

    I am open to discussing and exploring different and seemingly unconventional approaches to your health and wellness. I approach addiction and mental health from a harm reducing and humanistic standpoint.