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    Thank you for visiting! Here is a breakdown of the services we offer and the rates of each talented clinician on our team:

    Jillianne Paladino-Boyd: My specialties include moral injury, trauma, grief and loss, and life stage changes. I use DBT, TRE and Jungian psychoanalysis. An ideal client would be seeking individuation and wanting to explore their shadow self.

    I take Cigna and working towards other panels

    Sessions are $130 for individuals,  and couples/ family of 2 or more are $150 for a 70 min session.

    Phone consult for services 5-10 minutes are no cost.

    Diego Reynosa: I am a specialist in deescalating tense situations. My ideal client is one who is higher functioning, accustomed to therapy, and is working on the nuances of social interactions

    My strengths are flexibility with different personality types and the ability to assess the family’s needs as therapy continues.

    My hourly rate is 125, I am open to half and quarter rates for shorter sessions.

    My In person assessment rate  is 175

    Brianna Patti: My ideal client identifies with the LGBTQ+ community, and their presenting problem may or may not focus on their identity. My strengths include meeting my clients with a nuanced perspective that honors intersections in their identity without assuming that our therapeutic work solely focuses on their identity.

    My rate is $150 for 50-minute individual therapy sessions. $175 for couples. $200 for families of 3 or more. My sliding scale can be reduced by $25 for each price bracket (i.e., $125 for individuals, $150 for couples, and $175 for families). I offer a free consultations, up to 15 minutes.

    Alen Arjad:   Some of my specialties include addiction, men’s issues, anxiety, and development of self-esteem/self-worth. My dream client would be one that has a willingness to take part in the therapy process. Although resistance is to be expected, having a client who is self-referred is ideal and new to me given my experience of working in addiction treatment.

    My strengths include use of CBT, being attachment informed, existential based, experiential based, and strength based in my practice.

    I currently do not take insurance. My current hourly rates are $150 per hour. I offer a sliding scale down to $120.

    Candice Recotta:  My specialties include attachment wounds, developmental trauma, anxiety, depression, and dissociation.

    My ideal client is open to exploring how their past experiences have shaped their world and present experiences. I mainly utilize CBT, EMDR, humanistic and psychodynamic approaches.

    I am in network with Cigna, Optum, and Kaiser. My private pay rate is $175 per session and I offer a free phone consultation.

    Parents of children with Special Needs, parents of children with behavioral challenges or mental health challenges We serve teachers and fellow clinicians working in special education or high stress environments as well. We  have experience with: stress and anxiety reduction, social skills for teens and young adults,  adaptive skills for teens and young adults.

    We offer assessments for families with an early ASD diagnosis

    We are available for the mentorship of aspiring BCBA’s.

    Our dream client is anybody open to making long term change.

    Our greatest strength is assessing and creating goals based on a client’s daily actions, words and thoughts.

    We are working towards taking insurance and will update our insurance information.

    Our rates are 100-200 per hour (average 125-150)

    We offer free consultation

    -FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment for ASD or other diagnosis, rates are discussed with patient upon enrollment)

    We offer limited  sliding scale rates depending on income and are willing to negotiate these terms once clients are enrolled.

    Keeley McCormack: I am a trauma informed yoga instructor with a Reiki certification. My dream client is someone who has an engagement in healing as a co-created process, willingness + courage to show up authentically, commitment to progress over perfection.

    My strengths: I am a trauma-informed person in recovery. I am focused on intersectionality in healing. I believe in compassion, gentleness, and humor. My lived experiences and identities have expanded my sense of empathy and capacity to authentically connect with clients. <3

    I do not accept insurance.

    My rates: $75- 30 min consultation (intake assessment + a phone/ in-studio/ zoom conversation about their needs, expectations, and goals for treatment).

    Elle Anzalone:  I specialize in addiction, trauma, anxiety, codependency, and family systems. My ideal client is motivated, ready to heal, and focused on developing a more robust sense of self. My rate is 100 a session and I am only offering telehealth at this time.


    Counseling for Friends & Family of Addicts

    When we see this happen to a loved one, we do everything we can to help.

    Divorce Recovery Therapy

    It’s painful to go through a divorce, but you can find a path to healing.

    Grief & Bereavement Counseling

    The process of adapting to a loss can dramatically change from person to person.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    I have extensive training in helping patients overcome and grow from their OCD.


    Have you experienced a traumatic event and suffering from lingering fear and anxiety?


    Do you need support, but can’t make it to an in-person appointment?

    Therapy for Chronic Illness

    I specialize in helping people with chronic illnesses navigate their inner world and thrive.

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